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            GM-1800 mold cup automatic cotton cutter

            GM-1800 mold cup automatic cotton cutter

            • 所屬分類: Digging machine series
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            • 發布日期: 2019-09-27
            • 產品概述

            GM-1800 automatic cotton cutter, automatic cotton cutter left and right, upright cotton cotton cutter, full latex cotton cutter

            Uses: Cutting and producing different styles of sponge mould cups and shoulder pads.


            ◆ It can replace different molds, produce different styles of products, and can also be used for sponge cutting that requires secondary processing.

            ◆ The belt-shaped double-edged cutter is used for smooth rotation, convenient adjustment and quick replacement.

            ◆ The blade has the function of automatic grinding to keep the blade sharp and ensure the quality of the product.

            ◆ The blade automatically moves left and right in a straight line, and the cutting work is carried out separately to improve the working efficiency and the running speed of the knife belt can be adjusted.

            Technical reference:

            Power / Power: 220V / 1.5

            Die table size: 450*300mm

            Machine size: 2100mm*1250mm*1850mm

            Applicable materials: sponge weight: 700KG

            Replacing different marched moulds to produce differents.It also used for slicing peeling the mould foam cups which need secondary-precessing.

            Equipped with the band knife, smoonth roation,easy to adjust and handy to replace the templates.

            The blades can be automatically restored, tu keep sharp so as tu ensure the qualifiled products.

            The band knife belt moves automatically with a linear motion to cut the foam sheets separately on the left and right moulding templates.Such machine has high productivity and its cutting speed can be adjusted freely.


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