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            KV-168A/F-81 cup setting machine

            KV-168A/F-81 cup setting machine

            • 所屬分類: Sponge cup setting machine series
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            • 發布日期: 2019-09-27
            • 產品概述

            KV-168A/F-81 Foam Bra Cup Molding Machine A Series

            Uses: Mainly used for the stereotype production of underwear mold cup products and other similar products.


            1. This machine adopts double-mode structure, four-bar guide, good rigidity, high guiding precision and stable clamping.

            2. The unique temperature control system uses the thyristor to move to the trigger current to control the heating, which makes the heating more uniform, stable, energy-saving and energy-saving.

            3. This machine is suitable for cup processing with large size, equipped with automatic smoking device, built-in cooling fan on the work surface, which is good for heat dissipation of the molding cavity.

            technical parameter:

            Power / Power: 220V / 8KW

            Heating sheet specifications: Φ9.45*350mm*400W-220V

            Die table size: 550mm*350mm

            Machine size: 2000mm*930mm*2200mm

            Applicable materials: bra, clothing and other fabrics

            Applicable mold: bra cotton cup mould

            Weight: 1000KG


            Function: It is mainly used to mold foam bra cups, bra pads and other similar products such as shoulder pads, hip pads, bike pads and etc.


            1. With double molding tables, four guiding pillars with good rigidity. High precision with guiding, stable in clamping moulds.

            2. Special temperature control system. We utilize silicon controlled phase shifting triggering current to control heating. So, it can make the temperature more even and steady with remarkable energy-saving efficiency.

            3. It is best suitable for molding European big sizes bra cups. Equipped with automatic smoke-exhausting devices, cooling fans installed in the inner part of worktable. It is environment friendly and benefit for heat elimination of molded bra cups.

            Power supply/power: 220V/8KW

            Specification of the electro-thermal pipe:Φ9.45*350mm*400W-220V

            Dimension of the mould table:550mm*350mm

            Dimension of the machine:2000mm*930mm*2200mm

            Applicable material: Fabrics for bra and other garments

            Applicable moulds: Moulds for foam cups



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