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            KV-168D/D-9 bullet molding cup fixing machine

            KV-168D/D-9 bullet molding cup fixing machine

            • 所屬分類: Bullet cloth cup setting machine series
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            • 發布日期: 2019-09-27
            • 產品概述

            KV-168D/D-9 Pneumatic Bullet Setting Machine

              KV-168D/D-9 Fabric Cup Molding Machine

              Uses: This machine is suitable for all kinds of cut piece fabrics, hot stamping of bullet molds.


            (1) The bullet can be replaced at will according to the customer's different needs of the product.

            (2) Convenient operation, time saving and uniform molding.

            (3) The button is operated by both hands to ensure production safety.

            (4) The company's unique temperature control system for the production of underwear mold cups uses thyristor phase shift trigger current control heating to make the heat more uniform, stable, power saving, good energy saving effect, and prolong the service life of the heating tube. .

            technical parameter:

            Power / power: 220V / 3.4KW

            Heating sheet specifications: Φ12 × 250mm × 500W-220V Φ16 × 150mm × 700W-220V

            Die table size: 420mm × 300mm

            Machine size: 800mm × 720mm × 2100mm

            Applicable materials: bra, clothing and other fabrics

            Applicable mold: bra cup mold

            Weight: 250KG

            Usage of machine:

            It is able to mold rigid fabric cup ( non stretch fabric ) and also elastic fabric cup and space fabric etc. As it is using conical shaped moulds with adjustable molding depth, so it can mold elastic fabric to get suitable cup shape for matching the foam cup shape for stitching & sewing them together.

            MeritsMachine equipped with air cylinder pressing plates and convinient to control fabric tension and reduce and avoid fabric pulling while molding.


            (1) The bullet head can be replaced freely according to the different requirements.

            (2) It is easy to operate and it is of time-saving and consistent molding.

            (3) The buttons are controlled by both hands, ensuring the production safety.

            (4) To direct at the specific temperature control system in the development of bra cups production, we utilize silicon controlled phase shifting triggering current to control heating. So, it can make the temperature more even and steady with remarkable energy-saving efficiency and it will prolong the heating pipe's service life.

            Technical parameter:

            (1) Power supply/power: 220V/3.4KW

            (2) Specification of the electro-thermal piece:

            Φ 12×250mm×500W-220V; Φ 16×150mm×700W-220V

            (3) Dimension of the mould table: 420mm×300mm

            (4) Dimension of the machine: 800mm×720mm×2100mm

            (5) Applicable material: fabric for bra and other garments
            (6) Applicable moulds: moulds for fabric cups (bullet head moulds)

            (7) Weight: 250KG


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