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            • 所屬分類: 海綿罩杯定型機系列
            • 瀏覽次數:
            • 發布日期: 2019-09-20
            • 產品概述


            ? 用途 Function


            It is mainly used for molding different foam cups and other similar products.

            ? 特點 Features

            ◆ 機體外形精巧,結構緊密,合模運行平穩,模壓成型過程穩定可靠。

            ◆ 采用內置式電熱管裝置,進口時間表機保溫材料隔熱控溫。

            ◆ 本公司針對內衣模杯生產開發的特有溫度控制加熱,可使發熱更均勻、平穩、省電,節能效果佳,并可延長發熱管使用壽命。

            ◆ It is delicate and exquisite in apperance and compact in struccture.It runs smoothly,the molding process is stable and reliable.

            ◆ Equipped with the internal heating pipes,imported time meters and thermal insulation material to control temperature.

            ◆ To direct at the specific temperature control system in the development of bra cups production,we utilize silicon control heating.So it can make the temperature more even and steady with remarkable energy-saving efficiency and it will prolong the service life of heating tube.

            ? 技術參數 Technical Parameter

            電源/功率Power supply/power 220V/8W

            電熱管規格Heating tube size  Dia 12 x 220 mm x 500W -200V

            模具尺寸 Dimension of the mould table  450 mm x 200 mm

            機臺尺寸Dimension of the machine  1450mmx635mmx1850mm

            適用物料Applicable material  文胸、服裝等面料Fabrics for bra and other garments

            適用模具Applicable mould 文胸棉杯模具 Mould for foam cups

            重量Weight 310kg


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